Juan Disla is a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports medicine. His motivation comes from taking care of his grandparents. Wishing they had aged more gracefully lead him to consider non traditional methods of training.

“What we know as aging is degeneration, my goal is to help people live in a way where they age in good health. We can do this by living closer to our evolutionary roots.” -Juan Disla

He came to realize that many of his clients were hyperventilating after studying Patrick McKeown’s Oxygen Advantage. By putting the techniques into practice with strategic training regimens we are seeing incredible results!

As a Functional Patterns practitioner, he specializes in Structural Integration. By treating the body as a deeply integrated whole, Correcting Postural Dysfunctions and dysfunctions in the gait cycle is possible. Connective Tissue Remodeling is the way our structure remodels to the inputs of the environment..

Control the Inputs and we can reform the structure..

Are the inputs of your training and lifestyle truly helping you?

The same postural dysfunctions which cripple us and our families in old age are present well before they become such a problem..

Fascia connects our entire body from micro to macro  and our posture reflects the state of our Fascia. By retraining our Bio-mechanics, we can open ourselves up to a much higher level of Health, Movement and Performance.

There was a time when I stood much differently, by training in a way that respects Human Evolution. We can rest revive our Health and feel better than ever..

“The practice of FP has been one of the most rewarding discoveries of my entire life. The value in helping me move pain free and having a body that looks, feels and works better cannot be overstated. For introducing me and acting as my guide through this journey of posture and Biomechanics I have My friend and teacher Juan Disla to thank, Many thanks brother.”

-Joseph Licitra 

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