Primal Mind vs. Blunted Awareness

Blunt Force Trauma.. Sounds intense right? It may be the worst way to catch a beating..  I mean get to the point right!?… Would we like our minds to be sharp or blunt? Most people would prefer a sharp mind to a dull one.. A sharper awareness of our body and environment instead of aContinue reading “Primal Mind vs. Blunted Awareness”

You Can Feel It, You’re Electric

The idea of Chi fascinated me ever since I was a child watching Kung Fu movies and anime. The amazing feats that Shaolin Monks were capable of captivated me and led me towards a greater idea of what might be possible. Chi was defined to me as BioElectricity, which was certainly vague and difficult toContinue reading “You Can Feel It, You’re Electric”

Dysfunction; The Silent Menace

Now that we’ve spoken about Fascia and how it permeates the entire body. Know that as I mention “muscles” I’m referring to locations in the Fascial web, not separating them. It’s an arbitrary distinction much like the countries on Planet Earth, it helps to describe what’s happening but it’s all one thing. That said weContinue reading “Dysfunction; The Silent Menace”

NLP Hacks to Mind Your Mind

One of the more interesting things I’ve come across in my journey to get stronger of body and mind is NLP.. Neuro Linguistic Programming. A truly fascinating topic, engaging Thought Modalities.. The way that we think. A lot of importance has been placed on what we think.. How we think carries just as much weight.Continue reading “NLP Hacks to Mind Your Mind”

Finding Neutral and Getting Strong There

Building on the idea of Tensegrity, we know that our resting posture is dictated by the Tensions present throughout the MyoFascial Matrix. These Tensions are the echoes of a lifetime of movement. Our pre-stress, the tension present in these lines at rest, is going to pull us into a particular posture. For most of usContinue reading “Finding Neutral and Getting Strong There”

Unsung Heroes of Vitality

What’s going on primal peoples? Today I’d like to follow up on unsung heroes of breathing with some unsung heroes of vitality. It’s a tricky word, vitality but one I really like over words like fit or healthy. Truth is our standards for what it means to be fit or healthy have been slipping overContinue reading “Unsung Heroes of Vitality”

Connective Tissue Remodeling

Connective Tissue Remodeling “Just because we don’t understand some forces at play in our physiology, does not mean they have any less impact on us..” -Juan Disla Take for example, Connective Tissue Remodeling. This is the reforming of our fascia in response  to mechanical tensions placed on the body. Force vectors, the direction and magnitudeContinue reading “Connective Tissue Remodeling”

What is Fascia?.. You are.

“Fascia is the soft tissue component of the Connective Tissue System that permeates the human body, forming a continuous three-dimensional matrix of Structural Support. It interpenetrates and surrounds all organs, muscles, bones and nerve fibers creating the environment for body systems to function.”  -David Lesondak The sum total of material in the space outside theContinue reading “What is Fascia?.. You are.”