Dysfunction; The Silent Menace

Now that we’ve spoken about Fascia and how it permeates the entire body. Know that as I mention “muscles” I’m referring to locations in the Fascial web, not separating them. It’s an arbitrary distinction much like the countries on Planet Earth, it helps to describe what’s happening but it’s all one thing. That said weContinue reading “Dysfunction; The Silent Menace”

What is Fascia?.. You are.

“Fascia is the soft tissue component of the Connective Tissue System that permeates the human body, forming a continuous three-dimensional matrix of Structural Support. It interpenetrates and surrounds all organs, muscles, bones and nerve fibers creating the environment for body systems to function.”  -David Lesondak The sum total of material in the space outside theContinue reading “What is Fascia?.. You are.”

What is Tensegrity?.. you are.

What is Tensegrity?.. You are. Tensegrity is a term coined by architect Buckminster Fuller. This word comes from two words, tensional integrity. Sculptor Kenneth Snelson also plays a big part, having constructed the first of the structures commonly known today as Tensegrity models. These structures will give us a great insight into the interconnectedness inContinue reading “What is Tensegrity?.. you are.”