Why Our Dietary Guidelines are Wayyy Off and What They Should Look Like

Hi there this is Juanito the personal trainer. I wanted to send a little information your way on regarding diet. We’re in a very interesting place historically regarding diet. The “food pyramid” all of us grew up with as our dietary guide will be flipped on its head. That food pyramid has at it’s baseContinue reading “Why Our Dietary Guidelines are Wayyy Off and What They Should Look Like”

Scientific Breakthrough Regarding Autonomic Nervous System!

Hello there beautiful people, I hope you’re having an amazing week! This one here is all about a recent breakthrough with regard to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Both are considered part of the autonomic nervous system with parasympathetic being responsible for rest and recovery functions and sympathetic being responsible for fight and flightContinue reading “Scientific Breakthrough Regarding Autonomic Nervous System!”

All About Inflammation

Hello there my beautiful people. A word we hear more and more these days is inflammation. I’d like to talk about it and have you all understand more about the dangers and potential benefits of inflammation. Benefits!?… That’s right, inflammation is a bodily process which is capable of aiding us in healing injuries, alarming theContinue reading “All About Inflammation”

Habits: The Force Which Guides Your Life

Hello there beautiful human!  My aim here is to help you reach your maximum human potential. First understand that the results which you want and that which you loathe are produced by the same essence. In order to get the results you want we must employ the same essence which delivers your current results. ThatContinue reading “Habits: The Force Which Guides Your Life”

The Feeling Sense: Gateway to True Health

Feeling is Understanding… This takes us back to the depth of our physiology, to the inner nature, the way it was meant to be. – Wim Hof What we must cultivate over the idea of a particular physique or end goal is our feeling sense. When I use the term feeling sense I mean ourContinue reading “The Feeling Sense: Gateway to True Health”

Juanstepaheadfitness Step One

Fitness is not confined to the body. To be truly fit we must exercise and grow all aspects of our being, not just our muscles… Connecting with the body is the gateway to connecting to nature. Connecting with nature makes you feel good! All the wonders of humanity are accomplished with a giant handicap. I believeContinue reading “Juanstepaheadfitness Step One”