Primal Mind-Body

Considering the Primal Mind, how does it connect to the body?

Without the mind-body feedback we would not have made it to the point we are now. The point where we could begin to forego such things..

For example, the way our feet have become.. Compare the sensory information an average human gets from their feet today and 100,000 years ago.

In fact, we even use it as an insult “Fred Flinstone Feet”…

While I’m not above thinking this is hilarious, what we’re really saying in a roundabout way is that we look down on wild humans.

Neoteny is an interesting phenomena of evolution in which traits of juveniles are retained into adulthood.

Our mostly hairless bodies resemble infants of the lower hominids which we evolved from.

The weakness of our feet, lack of connections in our frame and short sightedness coming from blunted awareness however, are not evolutionary advantages.. They make us more vulnerable.

As an example, consider ankle sprains, they are one of the most prevalent injuries occurring in young people and athletes.

The casting of our feet using shoes prevents our feet from working in the way that they evolved to.

We need back braces to do manual labor, shoes to run and a GPS to go somewhere we’ve been several times..

These things show us a disconnection from the body, a dulling of the senses. The Primal Mind and body which were the original safety have been replaced by technology. The problem with this is that there is an intelligence to the body which feels how we have become vulnerable.

It reveals itself in feelings of unease and anxiety.. The major issues of our time, issues unknown to many Hunter-Gatherer tribes.

For any of us who are feeling these things, let us move back into the body.

Temperature exposure is a great place to begin. Checkout Wim Hof on Vice, start taking cold showers or using Sauna. Connect to the feeling and watch how the body becomes able to adapt to the fluctuations in temperature.

The daily fluctuations in temperature signal the Circadian Rhythm of our body to sync up with nature. Going for a walk around sunset and sunrise are great ways to introduce this temperature variance.

We can also get double benefit from walking at this time thanks to the light from the sunrise and sunset which will also serve to sync our Circadian Rhythm.

A well connected body, well connected to nature will yield a sharper mind. For those of us looking for a mental edge and those of us looking to heal ourselves, we would do well to recreate more of the stimuli our ancestors experienced in nature.

Encouraging you to live like a human…


Published by Primal Fitness Project

Hello and welcome to the Primal Fitness Project. I’m a Personal Trainer with a deep interest in the body/mind. I believe it’s coming to light there is much more overlap between body and mind; physiology and psychology. In the context of evolution, the conditions we are experiencing are quite new and surprisingly unpleasant to our genetics. Major environmental conditions like lighting, temperature, food and stress are having negative impacts on our genetic expression. Negative impacts on our very human blueprint. I’m not suggesting we run off into the woods or abandon the progress that benefits us. I am suggesting that we begin to ask questions about where our culture has lost balance with the human blueprint. In an industry oriented purely the physical and worse still, dominated by dissection mentality. Disconnecting the body instead of training it as a whole. Isolating muscle groups is being shown to have negative impacts on our Fascia, the organ of form which integrates all systems of the body. The rates of injury and degeneration are fire alarms signaling our straying from the path. This BIG! It means we are unintentionally limiting ourselves in the quality of our movement and psychology. On top of that there are the environmental challenges of diet, distraction and sleep. It’s fair to say we’ve hit a low point in health and happiness with the epidemic of diseases both mental and physical. This space represents our resurgence. We’re building a community conscious of these challenges and prepared to take action back towards balance. Our weapons are information and practice. Here you will find information from people looking to empower you to take control of the six major points in our Hexagon of Health: Mentality, Movement, Breath, Sleep, Nutrition and Community. Let us put this information into practice and become stronger together.

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