You Can Feel It, You’re Electric

The idea of Chi fascinated me ever since I was a child watching Kung Fu movies and anime. The amazing feats that Shaolin Monks were capable of captivated me and led me towards a greater idea of what might be possible.

Chi was defined to me as BioElectricity, which was certainly vague and difficult to understand for my younger self. I probably just said “cool” and went right back to my Eggo Waffles..

At this moment, I’m wondering why Tai Chi has and Qi Gong have not caught on in our culture the same way that Yoga has. (Part of me thinks it’s the Yoga Pants..)

Seriously though, the idea of Bioelectricity has taken new life in my mind thanks to my training Structural Integration through Functional Patterns as well as reading “The Body Electric” by Robert Becker.

Communication in our body is an electrical phenomenon happening through the nervous system. Further, mechanical stresses are converted into electrical signals by Piezoelectricity so mechanical tensions are translated into electrical potentials. These potentials dictate the course of action the body will take in response to the stressors.

There are liquid crystals present throughout the body and solid crystals in the bones.

To what extent does electricity play a role in our health?

Are there ways that we can use bioelectricity to improve our health and quality of life?

The answer is yes, and Tai Chi is a system that aims to do this. I feel the concepts to be a bit too abstract for those of us with Western mindset.

In Functional Patterns, the ideas are presented in a much more direct way. We speak of Re-Dox Potential and Hydration.

To enhance our electrical current we need to correct our dysfunctions. By de-compressing our body (ex: lumbar spine, ribcage etc,.) we create more space for the electrically charged water in our Fascia to move around.

We are not only improving our Posture, we are powering up our Circuit!

On a personal note I believe this is the reason why we see profound changes in people beyond just the physical. Changes in behavior and attitude are something we often see coincide with improving Biomechanics.

This is the  result of the return of circulation to new areas and improved communication within the body. This means the body will be more responsive to internal and external circumstances making us more adaptable and resilient.

To be in good health we need to be in a good position where our body processes are not being interrupted or compressed upon. We must be in a balanced way. Dysfunction prevents us from being the best we can beyond simply physically.

The journey towards correcting our Dysfunctions is not purely physical either. It will challenge our thinking and emotions as well. We must take an approach which is balanced. 

As much as we use our body we must also use our thinking. We are here to help each other. The one training and the trainer must work together. What we can see and what you can feel must come together to identify and correct dysfunctions.

Lastly, thinking about the lifestyle factors will be important. There are things we are doing which are holding us back. Too much sitting, certain kinds of foods, even potentially other forms of training we’ve come to enjoy..

By putting these things on the table to examine them, we can strategize the best possible route out of dysfunction. That is my aim for myself and anyone willing to walk the path.

-Live Intentionally and Not Habitually


Published by Primal Fitness Project

Hello and welcome to the Primal Fitness Project. I’m a Personal Trainer with a deep interest in the body/mind. I believe it’s coming to light there is much more overlap between body and mind; physiology and psychology. In the context of evolution, the conditions we are experiencing are quite new and surprisingly unpleasant to our genetics. Major environmental conditions like lighting, temperature, food and stress are having negative impacts on our genetic expression. Negative impacts on our very human blueprint. I’m not suggesting we run off into the woods or abandon the progress that benefits us. I am suggesting that we begin to ask questions about where our culture has lost balance with the human blueprint. In an industry oriented purely the physical and worse still, dominated by dissection mentality. Disconnecting the body instead of training it as a whole. Isolating muscle groups is being shown to have negative impacts on our Fascia, the organ of form which integrates all systems of the body. The rates of injury and degeneration are fire alarms signaling our straying from the path. This BIG! It means we are unintentionally limiting ourselves in the quality of our movement and psychology. On top of that there are the environmental challenges of diet, distraction and sleep. It’s fair to say we’ve hit a low point in health and happiness with the epidemic of diseases both mental and physical. This space represents our resurgence. We’re building a community conscious of these challenges and prepared to take action back towards balance. Our weapons are information and practice. Here you will find information from people looking to empower you to take control of the six major points in our Hexagon of Health: Mentality, Movement, Breath, Sleep, Nutrition and Community. Let us put this information into practice and become stronger together.

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