Finding Neutral and Getting Strong There

Hey fam, that’s your boy Juanito getting into neutral stance.. 🙂

Building on the idea of Tensegrity, we know that our resting posture is dictated by the Tensions present throughout the MyoFascial Matrix. These Tensions are the echoes of a lifetime of movement.

Our pre-stress, the tension present in these lines at rest, is going to pull us into a particular posture. For most of us this posture will be dysfunctional. 

Our next post will go into detail on Dysfunction, for now let’s say dysfunction is when our posture compromises neural drive, circulation or breathing in some way and alters the resting length of muscles.

This will make us work harder than we need to when performing the daily activities in our life..

A Neutral Posture which is aligned with gravity and balances the various lines of tension within that alignment will serve us much better in that regard.

Our training at Functional Patterns begins with Postural Assessment and Assessment of the Gait Cycle. With this information we can begin to decode an individual’s dysfunctions and get to work.

Next we can look to have them approximate the neutral posture and begin to build strength there. When I was first put into this position, it was incredibly difficult to maintain..

I felt like my mid back would explode from muscle fatigue. We’re used to the idea of using weights to train and the associated muscle fatigue.. This went far beyond anything I had felt using weights and just by putting my body into a particular pose.

The thing is, we’re working against our own restrictions. The dense bands of Connective Tissue restricting our movement are the resistance..

This also restricts our flow of liquids: blood and lymph

Once we begin to approximate the neutral posture by opening up space with MyoFascial Release, we then move to Corrective Exercises which will cement us into that Functional Position using tensions.

This is the way we Remodel an Individual’s Connective Tissue towards alignment with gravity.

We can only truly leverage the power of Tensegrity from this Neutral Posture. The cyclical movements of Gait rely on the elastic recoil of deforming and being pulled back to neutral.

If neutral is with both legs together, as soon as we take a step we are deforming, only to pass through neutral then deform again on the other side. This elastic recoil is the way we’re meant to walk.

If neutral is 0 we will cycle through movements from -3 to 3 in order to walk.

The problems arrive when we’re looking to go from -10 to -7 because we’ve lost the ability to get into better positions.

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Live Intentionally and Not Habitually


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