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Hello there my beautiful friends. Today I’d like to talk about good fats and bad fats, as I sip on my “bulletproof coffee” (coffee with grass fed butter and coconut oil). So we’ve already established that the excessive amounts of insulin which are caused by over consuming carbohydrates, is responsible for adding body fat. It is also doing damage at the cellular level causing inflammation and advanced gylcation end products which interrupt the normal functioning of mitochondria. This decreases your energy levels.

The way out of the negative carbohydrate loop is to begin to eat more dietary fat and make sure that the carbohydrates you do consume are minimally processed and higher in fiber like sweet potatoes or starchy/leafy green vegetables. The key to eating healthy fats is to understand the ones to move towards and move away from.

The idea of eating large amounts of butter and oils or drinking them in beverages may seem foreign and downright dangerous if you’ve been misinformed as we all have. Saturated fat does not cause heart disease and neither does dietary cholesterol. We were misinformed for a long time and for the full story check out this separate post…  for now let’s focus on the healthy fats, staying positive J

Butyric Acid, Medium Chain Triglycerides and Monounsatured Fats are the kinds we will focus on. These are all shorter length fatty acids than the Polyunsatured fats which tend to be denser in Omega-6 and pro inflammatory. All of these fats will provide an energy mechanism in your body which does not cause an insulin response and occurs at a much slower and steadier pace, meaning your energy levels will be more stable and you will avoid the mitochondrial damage associated with chronically elevated blood sugar.

Butyric Acid is found in butter and can also produced in the Large Intestine by certain gut bacteria. This is a very short fatty acid, it’s very useful in maintaining the integrity of our intestinal lining. This very important because when the lining is compromised there will be an inflammatory response. It’s important to consider that there is an ecology of bacteria living in your intestines. This microscopic community plays a gigantic role in things like hormone production, neurotransmitter levels and immune response. We’ll talk more about this soon, it is key to health.

Medium Chain Triglycerides are the fatty acid most readily converted into ketones. Ketones are the result of the breakdown of fatty acids for energy. Generally because of our carbohydrate/processed food rich diet ketones are associated with diabetic emergencies where low blood sugar forces uncontrolled and inefficient breakdown of fatty acids. By consuming adequate dietary fat (the way people have been for hundreds of thousands of years before agriculture and way before processed foods), especially MCT’s the body learns to regulate blood sugar more effectively by producing ketones as an alternate fuel source.  When this happens you are now able to burn body fat much more efficiently so for anyone looking for weight loss I highly recommend MCT’s and Low Carb High Fat diet in general. Also stable blood sugar means mood stability and constant energy while lower glucose levels mean less glycation end products and therefore less inflammation. You can purchase MCT oil or consume coconut oil which is also rich in MCT’s.

Lastly we come to Monounsatured Fats such as avocados, nuts and olive oil. The great thing about these fats is that they are abundant and will add a nice diversity into your diet. As the other fats do, these fats will allow you to produce energy without excess insulin production.  These were the first fats recognized to be beneficial while saturated fats are just recently clearing their name.

There you have it my friends to get your good fats in look to Butter for Butyric Acid, Coconut or MCT oil for MCT’s and olive oil, nuts and avocados for your Monounsaturated Fats. It is also worth mentioning that meats and certain nuts/seeds can provide Omega 3 fats which are also beneficial. When looking to meat and dairy products always consider the lifestyle of the animal the product is coming from because if the animal was fed improperly or mistreated the food becomes tainted.

As always, thank you for reading and you can look out for my “Fat Mastery Webinar” coming out in a few weeks. If you’re interested in fat mastery and you want me to hurry it up, reply me! J

If you want to take your fitness and lifestyle to the next level hit me up here for a free consultation to talk about a program where we can optimize your diet, training and lifestyle.

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