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Fitness is not confined to the body. To be truly fit we must exercise and grow all aspects of our being, not just our muscles…

Connecting with the body is the gateway to connecting to nature. Connecting with nature makes you feel good! All the wonders of humanity are accomplished with a giant handicap. I believe if we remove this handicap we will become what we have been intended to be all along; loving, caring, super capable, non temporal, group minded symbiots of the Earth and beyond. For too many of us, disconnection from breathing, movement, food and feeling puts us into a state of depression, a learned helplessness which accepts mediocrity. Mediocre health, mediocre relationships and aspirations… Meanwhile, the inner core of our being cries out for growth, for experience. We are inundated with information which is beyond nonsensical, it does not relate in any way to the growth which is a natural instinct within all of us; exploration, challenge, expression. By avoiding these things we broadcast our insanity. But no more!

First we change our mindset, with a new psychology an entirely new way of experiencing the world will open to us. Are we able to control the way that our body feels on a moment to moment basis? Yes, we are. Are we able to generate the energy necessary to create new habits, new ways of relating to ourselves and others? Yes we are. Are we able to take the mistakes of our past and transform them into invaluable lessons which allow us to better serve ourselves and community? Yes we are. The first step is to believe these things wholeheartedly. If your inner contrarian is preparing the assault on this way of thinking know this: The autonomic inner dialogue which criticizes without any conscious effort is a result of repetition and can be defeated through repetition. The only reason you doubt your potential is because of the input you have received from your environment and reinforced with your thoughts over time, consciously or subconsciously. The very same force which generated this habit or thought pattern can be used to eliminate it and replace it with one which will feed the hunger for growth and autonomy inside of us all.

The most important thing when it comes to fitness is psychological fitness; that is to learn to direct your mind in an absolute way towards your goal. Understand that this is not an immediate process. Just as physical exercises produces soreness and reveals limitations so will taking on these new thoughts. What we seek is not immediate and total control of our thoughts 24/7 but instead to challenge our thoughts to grow by adding different patterns and loads just as we would do with physical exercise. So family, my request of you all is to begin to use this principle of auto suggestion. Auto suggestion is the idea that any thought repeated with the mind and coupled with emotional intensity will eventually become a belief and later a conviction. Beliefs and convictions drive action, not mere thoughts. Whatever it is that you desire, a more fit body, a better mood or flourishing relationships; know that it begins with the psychology! The mindset of using the conscious ability to create the right thoughts, then narrowing our focus for brief increments daily so that over time we carve new thought canals which will become the habits which you will later attribute your success to! Thanks for reading, Love!

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Hello and welcome to the Primal Fitness Project. I’m a Personal Trainer with a deep interest in the body/mind. I believe it’s coming to light there is much more overlap between body and mind; physiology and psychology. In the context of evolution, the conditions we are experiencing are quite new and surprisingly unpleasant to our genetics. Major environmental conditions like lighting, temperature, food and stress are having negative impacts on our genetic expression. Negative impacts on our very human blueprint. I’m not suggesting we run off into the woods or abandon the progress that benefits us. I am suggesting that we begin to ask questions about where our culture has lost balance with the human blueprint. In an industry oriented purely the physical and worse still, dominated by dissection mentality. Disconnecting the body instead of training it as a whole. Isolating muscle groups is being shown to have negative impacts on our Fascia, the organ of form which integrates all systems of the body. The rates of injury and degeneration are fire alarms signaling our straying from the path. This BIG! It means we are unintentionally limiting ourselves in the quality of our movement and psychology. On top of that there are the environmental challenges of diet, distraction and sleep. It’s fair to say we’ve hit a low point in health and happiness with the epidemic of diseases both mental and physical. This space represents our resurgence. We’re building a community conscious of these challenges and prepared to take action back towards balance. Our weapons are information and practice. Here you will find information from people looking to empower you to take control of the six major points in our Hexagon of Health: Mentality, Movement, Breath, Sleep, Nutrition and Community. Let us put this information into practice and become stronger together.

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