Mission Statement

Studying Under Functional Patterns Has Given Me the Tools to Improve my own Biomechanics and do the same for others. Getting us out of pain and Functioning at a High Level Physically and Mentally

Above is a Tensegrity structure, our bodies follow the same principle. Isolated Compression pieces (bones) floating in a sea of Tension (muscles and fascia).

The way these Tensile pieces pull on our body will determine whether we are in pain or not, whether we move well or dysfunctionally..

The direction of this pull gives us our posture, it is the result of a lifetime of moving and adapting to the movements of a lifetime.

An Archaic Revival For Health

Our Mission at Primal Fitness Project is to incorporate Ancestral Health Practices to promote health and wellness in modern times.

A few simple practices are able to bring a massive return on investment, bringing a level of health and wellness rarely seen in modern times. As our culture has progressed and innovated, we have moved away from key factors which supported our health.

It’s not unusual to go some time without sunlight, sleep, walking etc. It’s not unusual to go years without eating anything which is truly nourishing..

As a species, we are experiencing degeneration.. Higher rates of infertility, Autism, Autoimmune Disease, Diabetes, Depression, Anxiety etc..

Chronic Pain has been normalized with over half the population of the United States experiencing chronic pain. 

This is personally and culturally problematic. In all the conversation about progress, the health of individuals is rarely considered. Would producing healthier individuals in turn produce a more coordinated society?

We believe so and our objective is to support that through information, physical training and making high quality foods available.

To move through a world we feel connected to, to bring a richer understanding to our breathing, movement, nutrition and environment. That is the Primal Fitness Project…

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